Please read carefully the information below!

Participating in an event of such major scale is a serious challenge, which requires the proper equipment, physical condition and strong will for success! It is vital to read and understand all the conditions and details below!


The distances of 42 km, 80 km, 100 km and 153 km are available for anyone aged 18 and above, without any restrictions as gender or sports background.

The distance of 21 km is available for all participants aged 16 and above.

The short distance of 3 kilometers is available for anyone. We invite and encourage kids, their parents and grandparents to join the challenge! The three kilometers distance is available for anyone regardless of their physical shape. The requirements for equipment do not apply for this distance.

Online registration and signup procedure

Each participant in the current trail run race needs to register and signup for the race, as well as to pay the correspondent fee for the chosen distance.

The registration and signup system for Tryavna Ultra is linked to the system. Each participant, who has an account with, does NOT need to create a new account. Instead, they could simply login with their existing account and continue to the next step in the signup process.

Any participant who does not have an account in will need to register by creating a new account, and after that to signup for the current race by following the corresponding steps.

IMPORTANT! No registrations will be made at the day of the event, except for participants at the short 3 km distance.

Ecology and environment protection

All participants should follow the defined track without departing too much from it. Wasting any disposal is absolutely forbidden. Each participant will receive a plastic bag to keep any disposal in – e.g. packing, scraps, leavings, toilet paper, wet tissues, etc. The bags as well as any other waste could be thrown only at the corresponding places at the control points, where new plastic bags could be taken.

IMPORTANT! In order to reduce the disposal, no bottles or plastic caps will be provided at the control points! Each participants will have to carry an appropriate container for water.

Using tourist poles is permitted.

Equipment and requirements

For all participants on the 80, 100 and 153 km distance, the following equipment is required:

Required equipment:

  • container(s) holding at least 1 litter of water – plastic bottle for running, water-skin or other (it is important to notice that without a water container the participant will not be able to receive any water at the control points!)
  • Mobile phone with a fully charged battery – and (highly recommended) additional charged battery or power bank (using GPS or losing cover drains the battery power faster)
  • Whistle (to alert in case of an accident);
  • survival blanket
  • jacket (wind and water resistant)
  • food with energy equivalent of at least 500 kcal

Extra equipment required for the 100km and 153km distance:

  • First Aid Kit (bandage, tape, lint, analgesic, antihistamine, saline solution)
  • a source of light – headlamp or other convenient LED lighting portable body with full or new batteries

Recommended equipment:

  • a cup for water and other liquid (there will be no plastic cups at the aid stations)
  • Small bell (for protection of wild animals – to make noise while moving)
  • Baseball cap or other means of sun protection (note – the race starts at 6 a.m. and the sun might be strong during the noon hours);
  • Compass and a small printed map;
  • Polyester clothes, comfortable sports shoes for running – preferably with trail tread;
  • Poles to support the movement – optional
  • Spray protection from animals or other means of protection.
  • Insect repellents, sunscreen cosmetics.

Requirements for the participants (for all distances except the short one of 3km):

Participating in the race is only allowed for participants who are aged according to the requirements. All participants will sign a declaration of consent for the conditions and requirements of the event, and a future claims waiver. (For all participants aged less than 18 years, the declaration will be signed by a parent)

For distance 153km every participant has to have 4 ITRA points from participation in an event from 2021 or 2022 or 2023.

All participants need to be fully aware of the conditions and requirements for an ultramarathon trail race, and to be physically and mentally prepared.

Participants must be able to cope without external assistance, with all risks inherent in participation in mountain Ultramarathons: fatigue, physical ailments and injuries, bad weather (rain, snow, strong wind, fog, mud, cold, heat), orientation and movement at night, wild animals.

IMPORTANT! Safety notes

Phone numbers for emergency calls are printed on each race number. If you lose the track marks or labels and move on unmarked terrain more than a few hundred meters, then go back to the last mark that you saw, and seek the right path again. If you can not navigate further, then you will have to contact us.


The main organizer of Ultramarathon Tryavna Ultra is iRun – Non-profit organization.

iRun reserves the right to modify these terms and prices at any time without notice.

Each participant in the Tryavna Ultra Ultramarathon declares in written form that he/she fully agrees and accepts all the Terms and Conditions.

Entrants agree to participate in the race, with its conditions and routes, at their own risk and without the explicit consent of the organizers of iRun and other private or public institutions.

Running is a physical activity that can cause discomfort, trauma, injuries and intense pressure on the cardiovascular system, or even risk of death. We encourage all participants to consult with their general purpose doctor before participating.

All participants accept at their own risk the possibility of any injuries, traumas, and identify themselves as physically healthy and declare that they have the necessary capabilities (physically and mentally) to participate in trail running in the relevant discipline / distance. Each participant in the event is signed up and participates at his/her own risk.

iRun is not responsible for any injuries, bruises, heart attacks or death of participants in the race.

iRun is not responsible for the accuracy of the details and personal data of the users in their registration.

iRun is not an administrator of personal data and does not collect personal data under the law.

iRun is not responsible for technical failures and inability to account for the results of running, and mistakes in reporting or the introduction and publication of information.

iRun is not responsible and does not arbitrate claims in regards of awarded prizes, certificates, cups or others.

The fee paid for races is not refundable if the participants are not able to attend. The fee could be refunded only if the race is canceled or not held due to the organizers’ fault or due to other circumstances beyond the participants control.

iRun not responsible and does not arbitrate claims about awarded prizes, diplomas, cups or other.

Any complaints, opinions and recommendations should be sent through the official contact form on this website or the website of iRun –



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