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ti_01All signed up participants for the 153 km should be present at the start point no later than 16:00 on July 12th 2024, 100 km should be present at the start point no later than 19:00 on July 12th 2024, 80 km should be present at the start point no later than 05:00 on July 13th 2024, 42 km should be present at the start point no later than 06:00 on July 13th 2024 at Kasovtsi neighbourhood, Plachkovtsi city and 21 km distance should be present at the start point no later than 06:00 on July 13th 2024. It is important to carry their race number and the chips, as well as the corresponding equipment, according to the distance they are signed up for.
Participants for the short distance of 3 km can sign up at the event, and receive a race number and chips, but only between 15:00 A.M. and 15:45. After that no more registrations will be done. The start for the 3km distance is at 16:00.

The Start/Finish point will be located in front of the Tryavna Municipality building. The routes are circuitous; all start and finish on the same spot. The short 3 km route is a 1.5 km two-direction route, again with the same start and finish.

Race numbers and chips

Each participant will receive a race number in a plastic tag03envelope, together with safety pins to attach it properly. Two chips will be provided as well – one “personal” and one “service” chip.
. The race numbers with the chips will be given out on the day before the event, at the same place, according to the event schedule.


Rules for mounting the race numbers and chips:

– the race number should be attached at a visible place – preferably on the front part of a t-shirt, jacket or other wear, to be directed correctly and to be readable from a distance. It should not be completely adhered to the body, because the chip may not work.

– the chips should not be too close to the skin (less than 0.5cm), because the human body affects the UHF radio waves and the chip may function improperly.

Volunteers will instruct and help all participants to attach their race numbers properly and will assist in regards the proper attaching of the chips, but please keep in mind – any issues might affect the correct reporting of your results.

Each participant, who has received their race number and chips before the event, should bring them on the day of the event! If a participant does not bring his race number and chips, the results cannot be measured.


The results of the event will be processed within the necessary technical time after the race (from 1 up to 7 days) on the event page – The organizers are not responsible for any errors, lack of data or other issues – according to the terms and conditions for participation.

Technical and medical insurance, safety

punktThe event is held focusing on safety and smooth finishing of all racers. For this purpose the organizers provide a reliable marking, cleaning and preparation of the forest trails, medical staff (one or more), a fully equipped ambulance, at “stand-by” throughout the event; food (refreshment) points, which will offer carbohydrate food and water, in order to avoid hypoglycemia and dehydration. Additionally, volunteers will be placed at different points at the track, and will be instructed how to support and navigate the participants.
In addition, a mobile application is available for all participants, which indicates and supports navigation along the route and displays the current location of each participant.
The participants need to monitor the intake of food and fluids in order to avoid dehydration or hypoglycemia.

Control times

Distance 21 km – 4 hours
Distance 42 km – 9 hours
Distance 80 км – 17 hours
Distance 100 км – 24 hours
Distance 153 км – 36 hours

The finish time will be measured within the control time, participants who have finished after that will be displayed as DNF in the result sheets.



Europe Trail Cup



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