Again in 2024!

One of the organized races in Bulgaria and on the Balkans (based on the feedback from dozens of runners).

The main distances – 150km with 6680 D+, 100km with 4200 D+, 78km with 3100 D+ and 100km with 1600 D+, 21 km with 670 D+.

Feel the charm of Tryavna, feel the spirit of the Mountain! Unique views, ancient Roman roads, historical sites, Bojentsi, park “Bulgarian”, Buzludzha, Shipka …

Start with hundreds of runners and become part of the most exciting running event of the year! (Organizer of the event:


150 km, 100 km, 78 km, 42 km, 21 km, 3 km

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The site of Tryavna Ultra is launched! Welcome! If you have any questions or just want to say “hello”, drop us a line!

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Curious facts

What is "ultramarathon"?

“Ultramarathon” is a run above – 42,195 kilometers. Most often ultramarathons have distances of 60, 80 or even 100+ kilometers.

The greatest challenges

Did you know…

Perhaps the hardest Ultramarathon in the world is “Badwater” – 217 kilometers in the valley of death, temperatures up to 50 degrees, 36 hours and elevation gain of 5800 meters.

Among the most serious events for runners in the world rank and 250 km for 7 days in the Sahara and 5000 km in 50 days in New York.

iRun association organizes events in running, cycling and other sports. With a history of over 50 events held so far and build a cohesive sports community, iRun is not just an organization, iRun is a CAUSE.


Here you can find some testimonials from participants in past events.

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